Friday, June 20, 2008

1032 channels

I was pretty exhausted when I got back from Bethlehem and just wanted to see a good football match on TV. I’d yet to turn the telly on in my apartment but now was the time as the European Championship was just beginning to reach its climax. The TV was clearly receiving via a satellite antenna, so I crossed my fingers that I would find a channel with the European Championship on. On the menu tonight was Germany vs. Portugal. I turned everything on and started browsing the channels. After I’d flicked through the first hundred it wasn’t looking good as I hadn’t found the game. I thought there would at most be a couple of hundred channels. Half an hour later I’d reached channel 704. Finally, here was a German channel that was showing the Championship. However, it had taken so long to get through all the channels that the first half of the game was almost over, Germany being ahead by 2-0. When the game had finished, with Portugal losing badly to a dead boring German team, I looked through the rest of the channels and made it to channel 1032 before it started all over again. Most of the channels were showing Arabic-speaking men who were making statements about this or that. Well, that was my guess! Once in a while there would be women, with or without a veil, speaking and then even some channels with Arab XXX that mostly showed commercials as far as I could see.

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Sylvester said...

Ha, hvor morsomt - og så i Ramallah. Jeg ved ikke hvad jeg troede.

Egentlig også befriende at høre om fodbold midt i den sindsyge situation.